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Samantha Laycock is owner and creator of Samantha Laycock Blogging, as well as a blogging coach for women ready to share their stories and heal from their past.  She’s 36 years old, a mother of 3, a wife of 15 years, a sexual assault survivor, and a big advocate for sharing your story through blogging.

Samantha’s thp book, Blogfluent: Laying the Foundation for Your Successful Blog , was Amazon’s #1 New Release and reached #33 in its Best Sellers in Blogs and Blogging.

Photographer Jennifer Hanschke is a longtime educator and mom. Her photos have been celebrated in numerous media outlets and platforms . Her belief to “take detours” leads her to document, with her photography, the beauty she finds everywhere.

Jennifer’s book of her selected landscape photographs is coming soon from thp!

As an elementary educator, Curt Casetta made his students sing the backwards ABCs. He’s been a feature writer and columnist for newspapers and magazines, as well. His career as a children’s author launched with Sophia Saves the Earth, A Story of Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day, which Nelson’s environmentalist daughter calls “an inspiration to children everywhere.”

In Curt’s most recent children’s book, Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure, A Story of John Muir, Father of the National Parks, Sophia discovers John Muir and raises some sad and disturbing questions about race and racism from his life and times. Reviewers have called it a “Must read!”

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