Believe It Will Find the Right Reader

So, your book is published. Now, the fame, and the money, and the adulation just start rolling in, right? Every author out there is shaking their heads, chuckling in disbelief. Um, nope. Even with the marketing muscle and connections of a big publishing house or with the maniacally incessant postings of a social media savant,Continue reading “Believe It Will Find the Right Reader”

What Does it Take to Get Published?

A great idea isn’t enough to get something published. There has to be an interesting situation (or, better yet, lots of them). There has to be a cast of characters that are relatable or intriguing (or, better yet, both). Your words have to make a reader gasp, or giggle, or reflect, or cry. Most importantly,Continue reading “What Does it Take to Get Published?”

agents and publishing

Publishing is the goal of many writers. The chance to forever have one’s words immortalized in print, the opportunity to share one’s ideas, one’s stories with the world, is often thought of as the pinnacle in the life of a writer. To become an author. So, how does that happen? Well, as you know, itContinue reading “agents and publishing”