Believe It Will Find the Right Reader

So, your book is published. Now, the fame, and the money, and the adulation just start rolling in, right?

Every author out there is shaking their heads, chuckling in disbelief.

Um, nope.

Even with the marketing muscle and connections of a big publishing house or with the maniacally incessant postings of a social media savant, 98% of authors never sell more than 5000 copies of their books.

That doesn’t leave a lot of fame, money, or adulation to go around.

So, what’s the point?

Most authors won’t ever write to get rich (I mean, try as they might, it very rarely turns out that way). Thus, authors have to view it all a different way.

Hopefully, an author got something from the process of writing and publishing of a book. Maybe satisfaction. Maybe challenge. Hopefully, enjoyment. But fame, money, and adulation? Um, nope.

So, take that as a win. You did something as best you could, and you shared your knowledge, or your thoughts, or your imagination.

The authors at Trenton House Publishing don’t harbor the illusion of mass-scale, commercial success, but they have achieved something of which most of them never dreamed: a way to share their stories.

And each author is told that even if the fame, the money, and the adulation never come their way, rest in the belief that that particular book–the one that holds the author’s thoughts and dreams–will make it into the hands of the right reader; someone who needed to hear those particular thoughts; someone who needed to revel in that particular story.

And, if the author believes it–really believes it–that comforting and hopeful belief can wonderfully fill the space they once held open for the fame, the money, and the adulation.

And that’s really the point, isn’t it?

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