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If only one book about John Muir were to be selected for a discriminating picture book collection, it should be Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Coming March 20, 2022 from trenton house publishing

The illustrated cover of Curt Casetta's children's book "Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure, A Story of John Muir, Father of the National Parks" (to be published by Trenton House Publishing on March 20, 2022). It shows a smiling girl and an old, grizzled (although smiling) prospector in front of illustrated giant sequoia trees

From children’s author Curt Casetta: Sophia is back, this time to discover the life of John Muir, Father of the National Parks, and raise necessary questions about race and racism from his life and times. Join Sophia on her time-traveling trip with the prospector Big Red and his trusty mule, Jack.

Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure, A Story of John Muir, Father of the National Parks

Part of a five-star review for the upcoming book from Trenton House Publishing, Curt Casetta's "Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure, A Story of John Muir, Father of the National Parks." The reviewer calls the book a "Must read."
A pre-release review from Paulette Reefer, Reedsy Discovery Reviews…thp book release on March 20, 2022!

Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure” will surely become a favorite with the young people in your life.


GET IT NOW!!! Blogging coach/expert Samantha Laycock’s Blogfluent: Laying the Foundation For Your Successful Blog, an AMAZON BEST SELLER on!

An Amazon listing of Samantha Laycock's book, "Blogfluent," (published by Trenton House Publishing) showing it achieved #1 New Release status in Blogs and Blogging books.
Blog expert (and Amazon Best Selling Author) Samantha Laycock shares her strategies and tips for beginner (and even expert) bloggers in her inspirational and informational book, Blogfluent

No matter if you have 50 readers or 500 readers, you are making a difference to someone.

Blog Expert (and AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR) Samantha Laycock, from her inspirational and informational book
“blogfLUent: Laying the foundation for your successful blog”
The cover of the Trenton House Publishing book "The Kids of Willow Lane: Fun Poems by Curt Casetta that shows the illustrated faces of four smiling children in from of a stree of houses and a sign reading "Willow Lane."
“An adorable and entertaining book!” Children’s author Brenda E. Cortez, Howl the Owl books

The Kids of Willow Lane: Fun Poems by Curt Casetta

Fun and inspirational (and prize-winning) poems about Benjamin, the kid with the world’s longest hair; Megan, the kid who people are always telling her she can’t; Maya Mae, the kid who collects neighborhood critters to show she’s responsible; Jimmy, who’s strollin’ down the railroad track seein’ what there is to see.
Fun poems of perseverance, determination, and “just being yourself.”
Perfect for read-alouds and elementary readers.

The cover of Trenton House Publishing's  "Blogfluent: Laying the Foundation for your Successful Blog" by Samantha Laycock. The photo is a modern home workstation with a laptop computer, and open book, a cup of a beverage all on a small wooden table with a white modern chair.

From blogging expert and coach Samantha Laycock: an informative and practical guide for finding your blogger’s voice and sharing it with the world.

“Samantha’s conversational style, easy language around a technical topic, and repetition has helped me to grasp the concepts in a simple way that boosted my confidence…”

–Jody L., BOMBlebee Fuse

Available at!

A barren tree is photographed against a red and orange sky, a photo announcing an upcoming book from Trenton House Publishing, "Jennifer's Journal, Photography by Jennifer Hanschke."

Photographer Jennifer Hanschke shares selected landscape photos from her life’s many detours. Coming soon!

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